In addition to being 100% Federal Motor Carrier Compliant, we offer above and beyond the required insurance coverage and cargo protection when others just meet the bare minimum guidelines

  • Our Standard Coverage is $1M Liability and $250K per vehicle cargo protection
  • Active broker’s license and bond
  • Continuing Education Driver Safety
  • The Newest Best Maintained Equipment

Why Us?

Provide Shippers A One Stop Shop ePortal To Premium Vehicle Shipping Services Coupled With 5 STAR Customer Service
Get It Done Right The First Time
If Something Is Wrong We Will Take The Necessary Steps To Make It Right. eTranzit Maintains A 100% Rating For A Reason


Safety First 

eTranzit cares about the safety of the US roadways.  In order to set an example in the ground shipping industry, we have defined a safety roadmap.  This starts with our 100% respect for and compliance of all the Federal Motor Carrier guidelines that apply.  In addition, we have started to implement electronic vehicle maintenance tracking and reporting.  This allows us to schedule our vehicle downtime for maintenance when required to keep our equipment in ultimate performing condition.

As a legal standard we perform both pre and post vehicle and equipment check reports that are provided to the Department Of Transportation.


Your In Good Hands

We utilize a direct One-On-One consultative approach with our clients to ensure all parties are aligned on every Enclosed Vehicle Transport we perform from start to finish.

  • Client kept in the loop
  • Trip Notification Status
  • Direct access to drivers
  • Live Telephone Support
  • Online Chat


Doing Our Part

By leveraging our drivers experience and technology we are able to implement route programs that allow us to not only improve on delivery times and overall efficiency but additionally reducing our carbon footprint on the planet

  • Ongoing focus on ways to reduce carbon liability
  • Leveraging advanced technology
  • Planning for the future
  • Fuel Management Program
  • Vehicle Maintenance Program



Nobody cares more about your vehicle shipping experience than eTranzit

That starts by ensuring that the insurance and transport specifics are not only legal but also right-sized for your vehicle type and value.